The Seller's Guide


Syrena understand that the decision to sell a home is dependent on several different factors but the desired outcome is universal: to get the Highest Price possible for the home. When she makes the commitment to list your home she guarantees you professional, ethical and confidential service that will keep you well informed each step of the way. A home is most people’s biggest asset and therefore should be handled by a market expert that can aid in the success of selling your home for top dollar.

When you decide to take the next steps towards selling your home Syrena’s custom marketing plan will have your home seen my thousands of motivated buyers immediately. She will develop your listing in a way that emphasizes it’s unique nature while highlighting the sellable aspects. The usage of the internet will play a key role in ensuring that your home is listing is highly visible. Considering more than 80% of buyer’s check the web before looking for a home, you’d agree that this is a marketing strategy that you simply can’t afford to miss. Syrena knows the importance of leveraging a strategic marketing plan while navigating a professional transaction to ensure all paperwork is gathered and organized by the closing date.

Find out What your Home is Worth