A Professional You can Trust

Her Story

Syrena is a Georgia native to the daughter of two real estate professionals. I guess you could say that it was simply “meant to be”. Her passion for real estate was ignited from a young age and she wasted no time beginning her career in real estate. Syrena earned her Bachelors Degree from Mercer University and enrolled in real estate school 3 weeks before graduating. She was licensed less than 1 month after graduating and has remained a full time real estate agent since.

Syrena’s years of military service taught her the importance of character, integrity and ethics which she believes largely contributes to her success in real estate. She has a personal commitment to lead with her client’s best interest in mind no matter what and as a result has closed 100s of clients over the last 5 years. She realizes there’s a “why” in every purchase and sale of real estate and takes time to understand each of her clients “why” to ensure that their goals are fulfilled.

She is undoubtably committed to helping others maintain a better quality of life. Her personal devotion to educating her clients on the current real estate market in relation to inventory, demand, financing options and marketing makes her services unparalleled. Syrena has successfully been able to leverage her real estate expertise and professionalism to build a real estate career that continues to blossom.

“Hello My Future Client! I am so excited to take on my next project with you. I have to give you a heads up…I love what I do so please excuse my excitement when you call or email about your next real estate venture! Now that you’ve read about me, it’s time to do a little sharing. Please head over to the contact page and fill out the contact form or schedule an appointment to get started. Welcome to the Real Estate Advisory Experience!” -Syrena